SKYACTIV-G, a technology that only Mazda owns, creates a pleasurable driving sensation, along with responsive performance, eco-friendly, and excellent safety feature. With this latest technology, All New Mazda2 has a significant difference compared to previous Mazda generations.<\/p>\r\n


All New Mazda2 is setting a new standard in the city car spectrum by having SKYACTIV-G directly injected in it. This brand new addition to the Mazda family has more power with a smooth and stabile acceleration during high speed, and fuel-efficient without decreasing the performance of the car itself. <\/p>\r\n

\"The performance in All New Mazda2 was very responsive, and the stable handling was comfortable and what a driver would expect. All New Mazda2 is a city car with an array of excellent features\", said Wahyu, journalist from Sindo, who was amazed and satisfied in how the car turned out to be more than he had expected.<\/p>"}