{"title":"SKYACTIV<\/span> CHASSIS & BODY","content":"

The combination between the body and chassis innovations incorporated in the technology SKYACTIV-CHASSIS & SKYACTIV-BODY, gives a different overall driving experience; starting from the steering system, security, stability at high speeds and driving comfort, especially on long trips. The change of location of the front wheels and the structure of the car is 10% lighter but 22% more powerful as one of the innovations in the chassis and body, making driving a much pleasurable experience.<\/p>\r\n


The Macpherson Strut suspension and Torsion Beam increases comfort in driving, especially when passing through bumpy roads. The suspension immersed in SKYACTIV Technology adjusts the steering with the car's response when overtaking another car.<\/p>\r\n

Safety is also increased by the combination of high-tensile steel materials and ultra-high-tensile that delivers outstanding performance when the vehicle is experiencing a collision<\/p>"}