One of the prominent features in All New Mazda2 is the fuel-efficient consumption feature -- this makes the engine automatically halt when a car stops during traffic and\/or at a traffic light. The engine will automatically turn on when the brake pedal is released, or when the gas pedal is stepped on  ?  this prevents wasting of fuel.  When the car turns back on, the system restarts in a smooth and quick manner, and it only takes 0.35 seconds for the engine to restart.<\/p>\r\n

As the engine stops when the car stops, this feature doesn't decrease the comfort for the driver and passengers. \"When the car stops, the i-STOP feature will turn on and the engine would shut down. But even though the engine turns off, features such as MZD Connect and air condition remains on  ?  unlike other cars where when the engine turns off, the air conditioner and radio turns off as well.<\/p>"}