{"title":"Smart City Brake Support<\/span> (SCBS)","content":"\r\n

This advanced feature ensures your safety while enjoying the sensations of riding with All New Mazda2. With attached near-infrared laser sensor on the windscreen, you can attain enhanced vision to the conditions of the road. In the speed of 4 - 30 km\/hour, when the driver doesn’t push the brake while facing any obstacles, SCBS will be engaged and preventing the vehicle from possible collision. <\/p>\r\n

“For us, living in heavy traffic jam every day, this feature would enhance your driving exhaustion. You don’t have to push the brake so often because this car will stop itself when approaching any obstacles in front of you,” added Revita, who was quite surprised when she acknowledged this advanced feature exists in a smart city car like All New Mazda2.<\/p>"}