People Who Hate People Who Like Boys

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Introduction: We all have our share of people who hate people who like boys. It seems like they’re everywhere and it’s never-ending. But is that really the case? Do these people exist in any significant numbers? Is this simply a phase or does someone have an answer to this age-old question? Find out, and get ready to hear some interesting things.

Why Guys Hate Girls.

Guys hate girls for what they are–they’re all women. They see us as weak, gullible, and stupid. And we see them the same way–as a threat to our masculinity.

Girls Hate Guys for What They Do

Girls hate guys for doing things that make them feel uncomfortable or like they have to act like a man in order to be popular. For example, they might not let their friends include guys in their conversations, or they might avoid going out with guys altogether because they don’t think it’s worth it.

Guys Hate Girls for the way They Look

Guys think that girls who look like them are ugly and not worth taking seriously. Plus, many of them believe that girls who look like them are only interested in boys because of their looks (or because they don’t have any other interests).

How Guys Can Help Girls.

smashing, dating someone who is not into girls, being a pushover

Be a Nice Guy

being considerate and nice to others, never giving anyone an hard time

Be a Good Friend

keeping things light and fun, being there for others when they need it, avoiding any conflict

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Don’t Be a Jerk

How Girls Can Help Guys.

The first thing you need to do if you want to be a good mate is start by being there for your partner. If your partner is struggling or just doesn’t feel comfortable with anyone, it can be tough for them to get along on their own. You can help make things easier by being supportive and understanding.

Be a Good Friend

It’s important to be a good friend to your partner too. They deserve the best friends they can find, and you should do your part to make sure that happens. Friends are key in helping couples achieve their togetherness goals and work together towards common goals.

Be a Good Lover

Lastly, it’s important that you are a good lover too, especially if you want your partner to stick around when they travel or move away from home. A good lover will keep their partner happy and satisfied while on vacation, which helps them stay longer in the relationship overall.


Guys can help girls in many ways, but it’s important to be a good guy and be a good mate in order to get along with her. Additionally, it’s important to be a nice guy and make sure that you’re always there for her when she needs you, and not just act like an ice cold friend. Guys can also help out by being a good friend and being there for her when she needs him. Lastly, guys can help out by not being jerks – try to be the type of person that she loves and wants to be around.

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